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ISO 9000 In-Process Quality Control Software

ISO 9000 In-Process Quality Control Software                                                                                              USD 99.00
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ISO 9000 In-Process Quality Control Software is designed to help maintain & control over the non conformance product produced in production floor that are being inspected for any type of defects. Designed to help comply with ISO 9001 Clause 4.9, Process Control, this software also touches on the requirements of 4.10, 4.12, 4.14 and 4.20.

The ISO 9000 In-Process Quality Control Software features:-
• Input of Production Output records.
• In-Process Inspection of Nonconforming Product.
• In-Process QC Inspection results updating.
• Tracking pending for In-Process QC Inspection production lot.

The Modules included in the ISO 9000 In-Process Quality Control Software are:-
a. Department Table.
b. Process Table.
c. Customer Files Maintenance.
d. Defective Code Maintenance.
e Product Master Files Maintenance.
f. Daily Production Output Entry Module.
g. In-Process Inspection Module.
h. Disposition Entry Module.
i. User Management Module

The In-Process Quality Control Software generate the following reports:
a. In-Process QC Daily Inspection Report.
b. In-Process QC Record – Pending Inspection List.
c. Reject Tracking.
d. In-Process Lot Acceptance Report
e. Print NMR (Non-Conformance Material Report)
f. Print CAR (Corrective Action Report)

ISO 9000 In-Process Quality Control Software comes with:
  Unlimited E-mail Support
       Help from Real People – Response Time (Within 48 hours)

  Fast Download, One-Click Installation

  Easy To Use & User Friendly System

  User Manual
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