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ISO 9000 Training Management Software

ISO 9000 Training Management Software                                                                                                 USD 97.00
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ISO 9000 Training Management Software is another software developed as part of ISO 9000 quality management software. The ISO 9000 Training Management Software is designed to help achieving compliance with ISO 9001:2008 § 4.18 Training and ISO 9001:2008 § 6.2.2 Competence, awareness and training.

For ISO 9000 implementation, training is one of the primary actions that can be taken to achieve the necessary competence. It consists of two major steps: training gap analysis and scheduling training. Training gap analysis is the comparison between given competence and required competence. Scheduling (and participating in) training is the mean to close this gap. Therefore, ISO 9000 Training Management Software helps to keep track of all the ISO 9000 training records & plan for the training schedule.

The ISO 9000 Training Management Software features:-
  • Employee Master File Maintenance – System will allows user to input the Employees’ particulars including Employee No., Name, Gender, Race, Date Joined, Date Resigned, Date Birth, Job Title & Department.
  • Training Course Maintenance – System will capture the courses offered, categorized by Training Type. The training will be defined either as Internal or External Training.
  • Trainer Master File Maintenance – This module will record the Trainers’ Particular including Name Of Trainer, Company Name, Address, Telephone No., Fax No., Mobile & others.
  • Training Records Maintenance – This module will update all previous training records and also the schedule training plans. User will be alert when the training schedule is approaching when login to the system. System offered Quick Entry functionality so that user can key in a training course by only clicking on the Employees’ no. for the updating.
  • User Management – This module allows the administrator to create User ID & Password. It also helps to define the user access right to the ISO 9000 Training Management Software by modules & activities.
  • Training Reports – System will generate Training Reports for record purposes.
ISO 9000 Training Management Software comes with:
  Unlimited E-mail Support
       Help from Real People – Response Time (Within 48 hours)

  Fast Download, One-Click Installation

  Easy To Use & User Friendly System

  User Manual
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